How can Internet Marketing Build Your Brand?

Source: Social Media Examiner

When running a successful company, it’s important to have the best team of Internet marketers to build your brand’s online presence.

But, before you get ready to venture into the Internet marketing world, it is important that you know exactly how you want your brand to be represented and how Internet marketing consultants can be best utilized for your company.

Here are some tips that can help you create a successful Internet marketing campaign.

1.    Create a Social Style Guide – Know what your brand represents and what your audience is. For example, if you are a car dealership you will want to have a professional voice rather than if your company was a comedy club where it would be more relaxed and jovial.

2.    Define Social Goals – Keep goals in mind. What kind of presence do you want on Facebook? Do you want your fans engaging with your brand on your page? What kind of Internet marketing do you want to be involved in?

3.    Set Parameters and Grant Freedom – Once you have created a style guide and know what you want, allow the Internet marketing consultants to be creative and add some depth to your company’s presence.

4.    Have a Probationary Period – It is a good idea that the marketing consultants first submit their wall posts and responses to fans to you first, just so they get a better understanding exactly what you want them to say.

5.    Mandate Social Frequency – Make sure your fans are heard. Don’t leave a wall post unanswered, because nothing is worse than a company looking like it doesn’t care about what its customers have to say.

6.    Team Up – It’s best to have at least two people work on your Internet marketing campaign. One person should be social media savvy, while the other has traditional marketing skills. If you don’t have more than one set of eyes on this first, it shouldn’t be made public.

7.    Take Cues from the Pros – You can get some ideas from larger corporations such as Coca-Cola to get a sense what they are doing with their social media campaigns and get a one up on your competitors.

8.    Prepare to Answer Anything – There can be some irate customers out there, so make sure your team of Internet marketing consultants knows how to handle these customers effectively.

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