Google+ Becomes a Key Player in Social Networking for Business

Google Plus

Source: Social Media Examiner

Google+ is growing at an impressive rate. In less than a year Google+ has reached 90 million users. It took Facebook and Twitter four and five years respectively to achieve the same amount of users. Google+ is important for your business. It has some similarities to Facebook, such as the ability that users have to “like” your business as well as your business’ page updates that appear on user’s timelines. But, with Google+, instead of “liking” your page, they will “+1” your page. The user then has the opportunity to receive updates from your business directly from their Google+ stream. Once the user is following your updates, you can be added to their “circles” or groups of Google+ contacts. People feel comfortable with this idea of using a new platform because it is similar to Facebook.

But it’s not Facebook, and Google wants the information to be found so it uses Google+ to impact search results. Like Twitter, Google+ has made sharing much more targeted for your customers. If you post something about a specific car brand, for example, they have the ability to share with only friends interested in those kinds of cars.

To learn more about how Google+ can help your business, you can read the full article here.

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