Social Media: The Future of Business

With 2010 behind us and 2011 well on its way, observing and analyzing progress in the social sphere is crucial to future business planning and endeavors. Anything and everything that happens within a business’s community now requires a social response. Businesses need to be social-savvy in order to gain a following and maintain a place in their communities; locally and online.

There are several aspects of this progress that will continue to be crucial in the coming year, including: defining the voice of your brand, defining your mission and purpose, hearing what customers have to say and engaging, reactively and proactively.

Although the main goal may be to reach your audience, making your mark on the social scene requires you to go a few steps further; your audience has an audience who has their own audience, so on and so forth. Thus, whether it’s your customers, influencers, colleagues or competitors, you need to consider the interests and needs of several different audiences to gain real opportunities and to garner interest and respect for your brand.

Brian Solis: The Future of Business is Social


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Megan Baker

Megan Baker is a Social Media Marketing Team Lead at Single Throw Internet Marketing. Megan was first hired in 2011 as a Social Marketing Coordinator before moving up to Team Lead. As a Social Media Marketing Team Lead, Megan handles clients’ social media marketing on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn as well as leading her team's social marketing strategies.

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